The Sheepman
Nylon Alpaca Rugs/Coats

X-small Cria (60cm)
Cria (30"-75cm)
Small (32"-80cm)
Medium (37"-95cm)
Large (43"-110cm)

* The rugs are designed to meet the needs of rugging Alpacas and come with necks or without necks.

* To make rugging easier the rugs come with optional fixed webbing leg straps or adjustable webbing leg straps with buckles.

* The Alpaca rugs are manufactured from specifically designed nylon fabric which allows the fleece to breathe under the rug and help avoid the risk of fleece discolouration. Also will help avoid the risk of fibre contamination and also will help keep the fleece free from dust, pollen and other vegetable matter.

* The rugs that are available without necks can have adjustable nylon webbing strap and buckle on the front of the rug (no need to pull the rug over the Alpaca's head to fit).
Also available are rugs without a neck and closed front.

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